December 13, 2010

One for All - & All for One....

This shoot was such a treat! I had the time of my life! Laughing & giggling along with these absolutely lovable ladies. Sharonne, Christa, Hennie & Pam. One for All - & All for One, is what they call themselves. They have been good friends for a very long time now & this shoot was a surprise for Christa as she is moving overseas :( So the girls surprised her, even chose her outfit for her with the help of Christa's son.. extra cute! & then I turned up & the rest is the memory portrayed these photographs. It was a beautiful afternoon full of Jokes thanks to Christa, jumping on the beach (like more than 50 times!) (see below photos) & joy! Ladies THANK YOU for letting me be a part of this very special memory in your lives.

December 7, 2010

And just a photo for today...

And just because I have the cutest munchkin in the world, I thought I would post this one for today seeing as he has just gone on 13 months! Love you Carter pants.

December 6, 2010

Wedding Fun..

So my beautiful cousin Abby got married to Charlie. The wedding was at Watsons Bay, and the view was just spectacular. I was not the photographer.. but these are just a few fun ones of my own memories from the day and thought i would share them with you.