May 28, 2012


You may not recognise these twins, but a year ago I did their newbown shots, you can see them here. But the twins, Beau & Eve are now one! And what better way to celebrate but have a family session! So big brother Tyler, Mum & Dad all spent an afternoon having fun climbing trees, playing hide & seek & giggling. Eve just has eyes that are to die for!

I Loved watching the family dynamics, Josh & Em are just the most beautiful parents, & are so calm, & are so onto it! So organised, I guess you have to be with twins! Big shout out to my absolutely INCREDIBLE assistant Charlotte, who was just the greatest during this shoot!
I love this family & it was very special to be able to capture another year in the family.

Enjoy :)

May 21, 2012

Little Man Owen...

What a CUTIE!! Owen was only days old when we did this shoot. Mum Jaime was so cool calm & collected.. such a natural. Owen was very well behaved for us, & pretty much slept the entire way through his shoot. Super cute huh?

Enjoy :)

May 14, 2012

A Family Day In The Sun

I would love to introduce you to a gorgeous couple Kelly & Jimmy. They recently got married & were keen to get some family photographs done as a new family. We were even lucky enough to have Jimmy's parents come along for some of the action, And what special grandparents they were! Those kids are so blessed to have such loving & fun grandparents! Kelly has one of the most beautiful smiles, so joyful & genuine. The kids had a super fun time, laughing, poking & tickling each other and climbing trees, which I think they LOVED doing!
Such a splendid way to spend an afternoon together.
Thanks guys!

Enjoy :)

May 2, 2012

Family Love

This family makes my heart melt... This is what family should be all about... Love Laughter & Fun.
A family that laughs together stays together!
But seriously, Pete & Jen, must have done something right as they have the most gorgeous teenagers! And whats even cooler is Luke, Timmy & Bek, LOVE their parents & it so showed through this session with them! Such a special family & I honestly felt like a part of their family for the time I was with them! Thank you guys.

Enjoy :)