November 24, 2011

Dan & Bonnie's Wedding 15th October

You might remember Dan & Bonnie's engagement session not that long ago.. you can see it here.

The 15th of October was definitely a special day as it was not only Dan & Bonnie's wedding, but it was also my 6th Wedding Anniversary. It was absolutely pouring the days leading up to the wedding... and thank God, it was boiling on the day of the wedding.

Firstly it was getting ready at the hotel in the city, where I dont think I have met a calmer bride.. the morning was such a delight. The little flower girls were such a treat.. and were just toooo much fun to photograph, they were little balls of energy!
Then it was to the ceremony.. where Bonnie was greeted by her dad, which was a beautiful moment.
Seeing Dan's face as he saw Bonnie, well lets just say the photo says it all.
I have just loved meeting Dan & Bonnie, they were honestly one of the easiest and most fun-loving couples I have shot. Such a beautiful couple & I felt so blessed so have been apart of their day, even having photographed this day with a 41 degree temp, as I was battling tonsilitis...they made it a dream to do!
Thankyou guys!

Enjoy! :)