July 14, 2014

All Grown Up!

You might remember Belinda & Trev and their twins, who I photographed as newborns. I got to do an extended family session with them, it was great fun, a great family and plenty of laughs! 


July 8, 2014

Port Macquarie Baby Bump

Isn't Rachel just STUNNING. I think we all wished we looked like this when we were pregnant. Well at least I do, as I was a shade of green from vomiting up my guts so much...my entire pregnancy. But Rachel was glowing... pregnancy suited her well.
I absolutely loved shooting these on a gorgeous secluded beach in Port Macquarie.
Funny story to this session, we went out that afternoon to a secluded beach, then on our way there, the skies start turning DARK purple. But we had no other time, so we had to go with it.
Picture this, me with an umbrella praying I am not struck by lightning, and Rachel being such a good sport looking like she is not cold, from the rain that is heavily starting to fall. Crazy fun. Crazy silly.
But I was just stoked with them.

Enjoy this gorgeous mum to be :)

July 7, 2014

Family Hangs

An afternoon, which included two incredibly wonderful brothers, Mitch & Ryan. And parents Bill & Roz, who are just as in love, actually I would say they are probably way more in love now, than when they first fell in love. I loved doing their session watching them laugh & totally enjoy each others company. Its no wonder these young men have turned out the way they have.
Thanks guys for a truly fun afternoon!

Enjoy :)