October 20, 2011

Jane Cooks 2011

So alot of you might recognise Jane, as I shot this same event last year for her.
JaneCOOKS provides healthy, practical & entertaining cooking classes, showing people how to prepare wholesome, everyday food for life. psst... you should check out her website and maybe score a few Gift ideas for people for Chrissy (Gift Vouchers)!
I Love Jane & her passion for life & of course her cooking. So when she was asked to do the Live cooking event again for over 300 people,  at a Womens Event at Oxford Falls, I knew it was an event I personally did not want to miss, as last time, I was laughing so hard I could hardly take the photos!
I was cheering when Jane asked me to shoot it again for her!
So Enjoy :)

October 4, 2011

Dan & Bonnie's Engagement

Let me introduce Dan & Bonnie. They are getting married in just under two weeks! And I will be shooting their wedding, which I am totally excited for. We went to Manly... & I have never seen Manly so packed with people in my life.. so we found a few gorgeous places to shoot. Dan & Bonnie are such a beautiful couple & Im very much looking forward to photographing them on their BIG day!