September 22, 2011

Michael & Dot....

Let me introduce an incredible couple. They are incredible, not just because they are my in-laws, not because they are two of the most beautiful people or the fact that they produced my spunky husband.. BUT Michael & Dot have just celebrated their 30th wedding Anniversary!! Congratulations you guys!
And what better way to celebrate by a 30th Anniversary photoshoot?? Dot & Michael had their wedding photos done with Cherry Blossom in the background, & so Cherry Blossom was a featured part in our shoot. The Botanic Gardens, in Sydney turned on a show for us! It was such a stunning day, so special.
Michael & Dot, you are true role models in every sense of the word! Thankyou! It was an honour to do these for you!


September 20, 2011

Kate's Baby Shower

What a glorious day it was on Kate's Baby shower. The day was filled with Sunshine, warm weather, great company, kids drawing, all things yummy, smiles & laughter. The day was all about Kate &
"little S".
There was lots of chitta chatta, a game where a frozen Jelly baby in an ice cube had to be melted somehow.. LOTS of presents for little one when she decides to grace us with her presence.

Kate It was such a delight to spend the special day with you!
And I look forward to meeting "little S" & doing her newborn shoot!
Enjoy :)

September 10, 2011

Pilar Creations

Just thought I'd share this beautiful session I did for Laura. This session was done 5am..
She made this stunning wedding dress..
I highly recommend her as a wedding dress designer.. her gowns are just stunning!


September 8, 2011

Bailey Turns 4!

I honestly CANT believe it has been a year since I shot Bailey's 3rd Birthday! Its not right! How quickly time seems to fly! So Bailey turned 4, in style at his very own Pirate Party! Arrr Me Harties.... who's walkin da plank??
Soooo super cute, kids everywhere, eating cake, playing together, I even got one of a little man balling his eyes out.. sorry I couldn't help myself.. the expressions of emotion were priceless as you will see.
A beautifully stunning day at Sunny Avalon, on Sydney's Northern Beaches, what more could you ask for?
Happy Birthday Special Boy!


September 2, 2011

Congratulations Lucy & Phil!

And I can hear you all saying.. FINALLY!! Phil Proposed!
Lucy and Phil are very dear friends of mine, so when they asked me to do their engagement shots, what do you think my answer was?? will have to check my.. YES!!!
Phil, I have known since highschool and Lucy actually now that I think about it, I was her Peer Support leader when she was in primary school.. hilarious.. who would have ever thought, and now she is famous! She has just put out an album.. should check it out!!
Lucy & Phil are an incredible couple who have been in our lives for years and years, and hold a special place in our hearts! We are sooooo thrilled that you guys are finally engaged and will tie the knot very shortly! P.s check out her ring!