May 28, 2012


You may not recognise these twins, but a year ago I did their newbown shots, you can see them here. But the twins, Beau & Eve are now one! And what better way to celebrate but have a family session! So big brother Tyler, Mum & Dad all spent an afternoon having fun climbing trees, playing hide & seek & giggling. Eve just has eyes that are to die for!

I Loved watching the family dynamics, Josh & Em are just the most beautiful parents, & are so calm, & are so onto it! So organised, I guess you have to be with twins! Big shout out to my absolutely INCREDIBLE assistant Charlotte, who was just the greatest during this shoot!
I love this family & it was very special to be able to capture another year in the family.

Enjoy :)


  1. This couple is very happy with their little childs .

  2. Pretty and happy family photographs. I like the kid. Her eyes are so attractive.