January 5, 2012

Kristian Anderson....

This is a pretty hard post to write, & to be honest I dont even have the words.
Kristian Anderson passed away this week on the 2nd of Jan. An incredible Fighter, Husband to Rachel, Father to Cody & Jakob, Brother, Son & Friend. Kris asked me to take photos of his family, just after he found out that he had months to live.

I cried for a week...

I dont really understand why, apart from the obvious to learn that he didn't have the time he thought & longed for, but I learnt so much about why I do what I do as a photographer & why photography is so important to me. I'm someone that feels like I become part of that family for that hour when we are together. And editing the photos for hours staring at priceless faces, is something I love. Photography is the ability to create & freeze moments that every time you look at the photograph, the emotion, the colour, the family bond is felt, Love.

This was truely an afternoon I will never forget. The courageousness & strength that Kris showed, doing this session with his family was unspeakable. The pain he was in, but never complained, just said "sure", & smiled, looking & watching Rach & the boys.

Kris you will never know how many lives you truly touched, changed & inspired. You were a man of incredible faith & I loved how you were unashamed at being so real.

Rachel. You are a true & real example of Love, Christs love. There are no words.... You are beautiful.

Rachel gave some of the photos from our session together to the Daily Telegraph which was published on the 4th of Jan 2012 from that shoot. There are also ones from the Daily Telegraph website gallery.

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