February 9, 2012

AIM Recital

In early January, I had the privilege of photographing one of the most incredible drummers, at her final year recital at the Australian Institute of Music. Channing Fourie just blew everyone out of the water with her composition of the songs. She is not only a drummer, plays guitar, keys, & is a songwriter, but can also compose & create like I have have never seen before. Watching her recital, really made me miss playing, & jamming with a band. I had an absolute ball watching her play, in between taking photos for her.

Channing, you did me proud girl! Well done!

Enjoy :)


  1. these are so cool! low light music venues are so hard to shoot - I am so impressed. Oh and Channing looks awesome as always!

  2. I also like music . Thank you so much for this .

  3. Thanks for writing such wonderful article. God bless