March 19, 2012

Nugget & Sarah Are Getting Married!

Nugget I hear you say... well its not his real name but its what he is known as.. I asked to call him by his real name to which he replied with, only my mother calls me that! Well Nugget it was then!

Sarah & Nugget are getting married in May. I met them both 3 years ago, when Nick & I were renting a granny-flat out the back of the house which they were renting. Through a complete disaster we met & shared some laughs! So when they asked me to do some engagement shots, I knew that I was in for a treat! They are such a delightful couple, always laughing & poking fun at each other. On the day of the shoot, it was meant to be pouring with rain, however it fined up for us, but instead we had winds like you wouldn't believe! Sarah was so great, and just went with the flow!

What a great afternoon we shared! All the best for your wedding day kiddies!

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