June 19, 2013

Jaime & Garth

What an absolutely gorgeous couple, Jaime & Garth. Absolutely loved shooting this wedding. It threatened rain all day,  deep purple heavy storm clouds brewed as we carried on throughout the day.
So much love, special family time, tears of joy as the day had finally arrived.

Jaimes dad had a very special part to play, not only walking his daughter down the aisle, but also marrying them. During his ceremony speech about Jaime & Garth, I don't think there was a dry eye in the entire service. I was even trying to fight the tears, & lets just say, I may have shed a few!  
For the location session we headed to the beach, the clouds were so dark & heavy, but we managed to scrape in a few magnificent shots before it threw it down! 

The reception was filled with laughter, fire twirlers, dancing, speeches & photo booth fun. 

What a very special day it was. And an absolute pleasure to shoot your wedding Jaime & Garth.
Big shout out to my amazing assistant Laura, putting up with holding and shooting everything in the rain!

Enjoy :)


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  1. Such professional photography always my choice , thanks .